Utility Billing

We offer utility billing services for water & wastewater privately owned, ACC regulated companies and special districts. 



  • We can read meters, calculate your customers billing based on tariff’s, fee and reading schedules as well as prorated billing for customer’s that move in and out. 
  • We can send paper or electronic statements. 
  • We collect and deposit your customer payments via check, Auto-pay or payments by credit card. 
  • Cloud invoicing and on-line payment services are also available.
utility billing services

Why Choose Us for Utility Billing Services?

10 Years Experience
Our team is highly experienced in utility billing and customer service. We have over 10 years experience  servicing large and small water companies all over the State of Arizona. 

Customer Service
Our services are accurate, timely and professional.  Your customer’s satisfaction is our primary concern.

ACC Compliance Experience
We work closely with special districts, Boards and private owners

Let’s Get Started!

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