For the past six years, I have worked closely with Cynthia Wallace and Cheryl Ibbotson and the other staff at Arizona Utility Billing Solutions (UBS) in my capacity as Treasurer of the Inscription Canyon Ranch Water Users Association (ICRWUA).

I can’t imagine working with a more capable and courteous group of financial professionals than you will find at Wallace UBS.

Wallace UBS provides us comprehensive service. It starts with water-meter data gathering, then billing services, payment collection and finally we receive comprehensive monthly financial reports. All this is done professionally and at a very reasonable cost to our water company.

The staff also devotes considerable time and effort fielding customer questions and providing assistance when needed.

Speaking for myself and the other Board members, we are delighted they handle our finances and know of no other firm we would want supporting our business.

If you also require top-notch financial support, call Cheryl Ibbotson at 928-445-6581 to discuss your business needs.

Thomas Sullivan
Treasurer, ICRWUA